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作者:qy8com千赢手机版 发布于:2020-12-19


qy8com千赢手机版-If you’ve ever stared enviously at an ant, jealous of its six-legged efficiency, then you’ll be happy to hear that engineers at Japan’s Inami Hiyama Laboratory have developed a multi-limbed robotic suit – able to give users control over two extra arms.如果你曾讨厌地盯着一只蚂蚁,妒忌它六条腿的效率,那么你不会很高兴听见这则消息,日本稲見?檜山研究所的工程师研发了一套多臂机械套装,可以使用户掌控另外两条手臂。The MetaLimbs system is built up of two main parts: The first is a set of robotic limbs that rest on the wearer like a tech-heavy backpack. The second is a tracking system attached to the wearer’s legs.金属壁系统由两个主要部分包含:第一部分是一套机械臂,它就像一个高科技的双肩背包一样腹在配戴者身上。第二部分是一个吸附在配戴者腿上的跟踪系统。


Optical markers are attached to toes and knees. When the wearer moves their leg, so does the accompanying robotic arm. When they squeeze their toes, the robot hand tightens its grip.光学指示器吸附在脚趾和膝盖上。当配戴者移动他们的腿部时,附属的机械臂也不会移动。当他们断裂脚趾,机械臂就不会牢牢地握紧。


There’s also haptic feedback, so when wearer holds something they feel pressure on their foot.这套机械臂还有触觉对系统,所以当配戴者握某物时,他们的足部就不会感受到压力。Although the demo highlights the use of additional limbs alongside the upper body, it seems the most immediately useful case for the technology would be for those who have lost the use of their arms.虽然样品展示引人注目了上半身另加手臂的用途,但这种技术立竿见影的有效地实例或许就是为那些丧失手臂的人所用。Being able to shift control of the legs to an exterior set of limbs is a useful way to rejig body functionality for those with disabilities. It would be interesting, for example, to see if a similar system could move in the opposite direction – with artificial legs controlled by arm movements.对于那些身有残疾的人来说,需要通过腿部来掌控一套外置手臂是调整身体功能的一种有效地方式。设想一下,一套相近的系统否可以偏移操作者,例如通过移动手臂来掌控义肢,这不会很有意思。


Beyond this, the project raises interesting questions about the concept of the human body, and how it can be reorganised with the help of advanced prosthetics.除此之外,这个项目明确提出了关于人体概念的有意思问题,利用先进设备的修缮法术可以如何重组人体?It is a novel experience, your body will adapt to a new type of human shape and the body schema will metamorphose [to encompass] multiple arms.这是一项新奇的体验,你的身体不会适应环境一种新式的体型,而且身体架构不会显得可以吸附多条手臂。|qy8com千赢手机版。



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