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实体键盘终成绝唱 黑莓经典款将停产

作者:千赢pt手机客户端 发布于:2020-12-03

qy8com千赢手机版-千赢pt手机客户端_The struggling Canadian smartphone maker BlackBerry made a sharp detour from its history on Tuesday with the announcement that it was discontinuing the last phone to have the company’s iconic physical keyboard and trackpad.周二,艰苦绝望的加拿大智能手机制造商黑莓(BlackBerry)大幅转变一贯路线,宣告暂停生产最后一款享有该公司标志性实体键盘和触控板的手机。“Sometimes it can be very tough to let go,” Ralph Pini, BlackBerry’s chief operating officer and general manager for devices, wrote in a corporate blog post announcing the end of the BlackBerry Classic. “For BlackBerry, and more importantly for our customers, the hardest part in letting go is accepting that change makes way for new and better experiences.”“有时退出很难,”黑莓的首席运营官兼任电子设备总经理拉尔夫·皮尼(Ralph Pini)在公司博客上宣告黑莓经典(BlackBerry Classic)投产的帖子中写到,“对黑莓来说,更加最重要的是对我们的顾客来说,退出最好的一点是拒绝接受变化将带给改版更佳的体验。”The Classic was introduced in late 2014 by BlackBerry to win back users who prefer plastic keys and trackpads to the touch screens that dominate the operation of its newer models, even ones with keyboards.经典款是黑莓2014年底发售的,目的是新的夺得那些喜好塑料按键和触控板,而不讨厌触摸屏的用户。

在黑莓较新的机型上,主要的操作者早已在用于触摸屏,甚至还包括依然有实体键盘的机型。Because the company does not break out sales of individual models, it is impossible to judge the Classic’s reception. But BlackBerry’s phone business is generally unprofitable and declining.因为该公司不发布每款手机分开的销量,所以无法辨别经典款的热门程度。不过,黑莓的手机业务总体来说没利润,销量下降。

Late last month, BlackBerry announced a quarterly loss of $670 million. That was about three times the company’s loss in the previous quarter and largely reflected write-downs in the value of its phone business.上月下旬,黑莓宣告在第一个财务季度亏损6.7亿美元,约是上一财季亏损额的三倍,这在相当大程度上体现出该公司手机业务的升值。The Classic ran the BlackBerry 10 operating system, which the company had hoped would again make it a vibrant force in smartphones. But it has since turned its attention to phones based on Google’s Android software.经典款用于的是黑莓10操作系统,公司曾期望该系统能再度让它沦为智能手机市场上的强手。

不过后来,公司的注意力又改向了用于谷歌Android系统的手机。Mr. Pini’s post made no mention of the fate of the other BlackBerry 10 models, which still appeared on the company’s website Tuesday evening.皮尼的博客帖子没提到其他基于黑莓10系统的机型的命运。周二晚上,它们仍然经常出现在该公司的网站上。


He did acknowledge, however, that some customers may still refuse to give up on the traditional BlackBerry shape regardless of the company’s plans.不过他否认,不管该公司有什么计划,有些顾客可能会仍然拒绝接受退出传统的黑莓造型。Die-hards were encouraged by Mr. Pini to see if their carriers still had Classics available. He added that BlackBerry hadqy8com千赢手机版-千赢pt手机客户端 some remaining stock on sale online.皮尼希望忠实粉去想到他们的运营商否仍供应经典款。他还补足说道,黑莓还有些库存经典款在网上销售。




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