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Q: I think we may have goofed. We bought a tablet that claims to be Wi-Fi only. Can it be activated to handle 4G cellular data?问:我实在我们有可能任性了。我们买了一部据信“不能相连Wi-Fi”的平板电脑。这部设备能否用来接管4G蜂窝数据?A: Its highly unlikely. To use cellular data, a tablet needs extra chips, antennas, and other hardware and software, similar to what a smartphone includes. If it says Wi-Fi only, that very likely means it lacks this hardware.问:非常不有可能。要接管蜂窝数据的话,一部平板电脑必需配有额外的芯片、天线以及其他硬件软件,配备就像智能手机那样。

如果该设备标明了“不能相连Wi-Fi”,那么近于有可能意味著缺乏这种硬件。In fact, if you compare the specs on, say, an iPad, or a Google Nexus 7 tablet, youll see that, not only are the prices higher for the 4G cellular versions, but they weigh slightly more, to accommodate the cellular gear.实质上,你可以想到iPad、谷歌(Google) Nexus 7等平板电脑的说明书,就不会找到4G版本设备不仅价格更加喜,而且也稍微轻一些,这就是因为必须配备蜂窝设备。

Q: I am trying to monitor my teenagers iPhones. I bought an app called PhoneSheriff based upon good reviews. However when I went to install it, it says to ensure the targeted iPhone is Jailbroken. I believe this will void the Apple warranties. Is there anything I can do to monitor my teenagers iPhones without jailbreaking?问:我于是以尝试着监控我家小孩的iPhone。因为评价不俗,我出售了一款取名为“PhoneSheriff”的应用于,但加装的时候,系统提醒称要保证目标iPhone早已“逃脱”了。我指出逃脱的话不会使苹果许可过热。是不是什么不用逃脱就能监控我家小孩手机的办法?A: Theres an app called TeenSafe that claims to be the only monitoring system for iPhones that doesnt require that the target phone be jailbroken, which essentially means hacking the phone to accept apps that Apple hasnt approved.问:有一款取名为“TeenSafe”的应用于,据传是唯一一款不拒绝目标手机逃脱的iPhone监控软件;逃脱实质上意思黑入手机以加装予以苹果批准后的软件。

It apparently works via the Web and relies on your knowing your childrens Apple IDs and passwords (presumably, even if they change). I havent tested or reviewed the app, so I cant recommend it.该软件或许是通过网络运营的,但首先你必需告诉你家孩子的苹果ID和密码。我还没项目管理过该款应用于,因此我不了引荐。





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