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作者:qy8com千赢手机版-千赢pt手机客户端 发布于:2020-10-31


qy8com千赢手机版_In an interview about the impact of Samsungs Galaxy S4 on Apple (AAPL), Anouch Seydtaghi, deputy economics editor for the Swiss newspaper Le Temps, asked Asymcos Horace Dediu what seemed like a perfectly reasonable question:就三星(Samsung)Galaxy S4对苹果(Apple)导致的影响,瑞士报纸《时报》(Le Temps)财经版副主编阿诺和?赛德塔基专访了美国数据调查机构Asymco的贺拉斯?德迪乌,而且回答了一个或许十分合理的问题:Q: Can Apple regain the lead in the smartphone market? If yes, how?问:苹果能否夺取在智能手机市场的领先地位?怎样做到才有可能?Dediu responded, characteristically, with a chart:恪守一贯风格,德迪乌用一幅图表得出了问:A: Apple had leadership in the phone market for two quarters (see graphic).问:苹果曾领导手机市场两个季度(闻图表)。Its a myth to think that Apple was dominant for any extended period of time. The top spot is very difficult to obtain unless a company has a large portfolio of products which are sold in all markets. Apple has less than half the operator distribution of Samsung and keeps only one new product in the market each year.指出苹果曾长年主导市场不过是错觉。qy8com千赢手机版-千赢pt手机客户端除非某家公司的产品阵容庞大,而且在所有市场销售,否则要想要攀上头把交椅非常艰难。

苹果手机的运营商销售网络尚能严重不足三星的一半,而且苹果每年仅有发售一款新产品。Apple also has a very high price due to the distribution model it uses for the iPhone. The primary buyers are operators who made large volume purchase commitments a few years ago. The iPhone strategy can be summarized as skimming where they pick the most profitable customers rather than penetration where there is a focus on market share. Its therefore very surprising that Apple was able to ship as many phones as it did.此外,苹果使用的分销模式使得iPhone的价格极高。它的主要买家是几年前作出大批量出售允诺的运营商。iPhone的定价战略可总结为“剔脂法”,只射击最能带给盈利的客户,而不是侧重市场占有率的“渗透法”。






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