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智能机市场争夺战:诺基亚新发布Lumia 928【qy8com千赢手机版-千赢pt手机客户端】

作者:qy8com千赢手机版 发布于:2020-10-24


qy8com千赢手机版:Nokia has unveiled a new high-end smartphone, the Lumia 928, which it will sell exclusively through the second-largest US carrier, Verizon, aiming to expand its share in the premium market after years in which it has fallen behind rivals Samsung and Apple.在多年领先于竞争对手三星和苹果之后,诺基亚发售了一款新的高端智能手机Lumia 928,它将通过美国第二大运营商Verizon独家出售,目的不断扩大其在高端市场的份额。 The new Lumia 928, priced at $99 if customers mail in a $50 rebate and sign to a two-year deal with Verizon, is similar to the Lumia 920 model currently sold through ATT, but is lighter and slightly different in appearance.新的Lumia 928,如果消费者再加50美元的零售商优惠,同时与Verizon签订一份为期两年的协议,售价就为99美元,类似于目前通过ATT出售的Lumia 920模型,但质量更加重,外观略有不同。It weighs 162g compared with 185g for the 920, which some critics had said was too heavy. The 4.5in screen also extends to the edge of the phone, giving a sharper impression than the curved edges of the 920. The new models also come in black and white, compared with the colourful options including blue, red and yellow, of the earlier Lumia range.与诺基亚920的185g比起它轻162 g,一些批评者说道太重了。

4.5英寸屏幕也超过手机的淋漓尽致,比起诺基亚920的弧线边缘给人一种锋利的印象。与早期Lumia系列还包括蓝色、红色和黄色的五颜六色的自由选择比起,新的模型也有黑白两色。Most other features, such as a 8.7MP camera and 1.5GHz dual core processor by Qualcomm, are the same as the 920.其他特性比如870万像素的摄像头和高通公司的双核1.5GHz双核处理器,大都与920差距并不大。



The 928 is the latest in Nokias Lumia range of smartphones which use Microsofts Windows Phone 8 software.这款928是近期的诺基亚Lumia系列的智能手机,用于微软公司的Windows Phone 8软件。Nokia switched to Windows Phone in 2011, aiming to compete with Apples iPhones and rivals using Googles Android system. Though worldwide sales of Lumia phones have grown in recent quarters, at 5.6m in first quarter they still account for only around 5% of the overall smartphone market, which now makes up more than half of all mobile phone sales.诺基亚在2011年改向了Windows Phone,目的与苹果的iphone和用于谷歌的Android系统的竞争对手抗衡。尽管Lumia手机的全球销售早已在最近几个季度有所下降,在第一季度560万,但他们仍只占到整个智能手机市场大约5%,而智能手机占到了手机销售的多达一半。Earlier this week chief executive Stephen Elop launched a series of new products running Nokias Asha software, which gives it some smartphone-like capability, priced in the lower and mid-tier range to protect its position in emerging markets such as India and China. However Nokia itself doesnt class Asha phones as smartphones, and the new models dont have 3G data capability.本周早些时候,首席执行官斯蒂芬埃洛普发售了运营诺基亚Asha系统的一系列新产品,给了其一些类似于智能手机的功能,价格较低和中档定位来维护自己在印度和中国等新兴市场的地位。

然而诺基亚本身并不将Asha手机不属于智能手机,新的模型没3 g数据功能。。



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