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苹果新专利 再不怕英文自动修正闹笑话了

作者:qy8com千赢手机版-千赢pt手机客户端 发布于:2020-10-20

Its a curse that has serially embarrassed smartphone users. The iPhones autocorrect function, which aims to fix touchscreen typists inaccurate spelling, intervenes at precisely the wrong moment, correcting “hungry” to “horny” or making texters promise to “walk their dad”.好像遭恶魔一般,大大有人因智能手机的自动修正而陷于失望境地。iPhone的自动修正功能原意是改动触屏使用者打错的字词,结果却大相径庭,比如将“hungry(饥饿的)”自动修正成“horny(淫乱的)”,或者造成放信息者要“walk their dad(遛爹)”。

But Apple may have a solution. The company has filed a patent for a fix that would see message recipients warned that the senders words have been automatically corrected, preventing the confusion of seeing an incoherent or rude message.不过苹果公司早已寻找应付之策。苹果近日申请人了一项专利,该专利不会告诉他信息接收者,哪些发过来的词经过对方手机的自动修正,避免因文不对题或举止字眼导致任何误会。Currently, autocorrected words are presented in the same way as any other word, both when messages are being written and read.目前,无论从放信息末端还是缴信息末端来看,自动修正过的词都和其他字词是几乎一样表明的。


Apples proposal is that they would be highlighted using an underscore in both the typing window and when read by its intended target, distinguishing an autocorrected word from any other.苹果的新专利表明,他们不会在放信息末端和收信息末端,用下划线的方式引人注目表明经过自动修正的字词,使它们区别于其它字词。So, for example, when autocorrect censors a message to “I cant ducking believe it”, the recipient will have more of an idea of what was intended. If the sender spots the mistake, a clarify-and-resend button would allow them to easily correct it.比如,当系统自动修正了一句话,使之变成“I cant ducking believe it”,缴信息末端就不会大约告诉对方要传达什么意思了(因为有下划线)。如果放信息方看见了这个错误,系统还备有“改动锐意放”按钮,可以让他们精彩修正这个错误。

那些年,自动修正罪过的错:1. A travellers surname was corrected from Moss to Miss when booking a flight. The airline refused to allow for the error, costing the unfortunate passenger £600. 一位出有行者订机票时,其姓氏的Moss被自动修正成Miss。结果航空公司因为这个错误拒绝接受让其登机,造成这位意外的乘客损失了600英镑。2. A mother who asked a cake shop to make a birthday cake with a wee blond girl for her daughter was surprised to receive one with a girl holding a white cane after the crucial word was corrected to blind一位母亲给女儿订立蛋糕时,拒绝蛋糕店制作一款主题为“金发小美女”的蛋糕。谁知接到的蛋糕上,居然是一个小女孩手拿白色拐杖——原本关键的blond(金发的)一词被修正出了blind(盲人的)。

3. An enterprising teenager who knew his parents would deny his request to host a party changed autocorrect on their phones so that no was automatically converted to HELL YES.一位不约目的誓不罢休的少年,预料到父母会表示同意他筹办聚会的建议,于是改动了父母手机上的自动修正设置,使no(敢)一词被自动改动为了HELL YES(当然没问题)。4. A 16-year-old daughter who received a text from her mother asking What do you want from life. The teenager and her father spent five minutes debating the profound question, until a second message corrected it to Lidl一位16岁的姑娘接到了母亲发去的短信:What do you want from life(你想要从生活中获得什么)。

这位姑娘和父亲一起花上了5分钟研究这个深奥的人生命题,结果母亲又发去一条修正短信,她只不过想要说道的是:What do you want from Lidl(你们想要让我从里德尔商店带上点什么)。。



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